Career Highlights

2009: Acevedo’s image called Springside Cynthesis from 1999 is featured in the book Digital Art by Wolfgang Lieser. In March it is published in German and the English edition is released in October. Acevedo is scheduled to re-launch as a digital fine art e-commerce site. Acevedo builds the 6round1 website

2008: Acevedo focuses his attention to producing Visual Music works. He begins to create short works synched to Electronica tracks, particularly Drum and Bass. He explores animated R Buckmnster Fuller's Jitterbug transformation.

2007: Acevedo’s work is discussed at length in a recent important and influential book called From Technological to Virtual Art, written by art historian Frank Popper, (MIT Press 2007)

Acevedo's work is cited as part of the ACM/SIGGRAPH Computer Art history initiative online.

2006: Acevedo's work was featured in a book called Art of the Digital Age, edited by Bruce Wands and published by Thames and Hudson ( 2006) The piece reproduced in the book is called “Eric in Orense” (2000) and it was also featured in the online and hardcopy promotional announcements. The book is described as "The first major illustrated survey of this exciting, new, and experimental field"

2005: One of Acevedo's early computer art prints (1990) was acquired by the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, as part of their acquisition of the Patric Prince Computer Art Collection. Which scholars agree is one of the most important collections of Computer fine art in the world today.

November of this year, Acevedo was invited to exhibit some of his prints and give a lecture about the development of his work at an international symposium called SYNERGETICS IN THE ARTS at the Isamu Noguchi Museum, in Long Island City, NY. The 2-day event was co-produced by the Synergetic Collaborative SNEC Acevedo’s talk, Art of the Void Matrix, addressed the ongoing conceptual connection between his work and that of R. Buckminster Fuller's Synergetic geometry.

Acevedo shows work at the Novosibirsk State Art Museum

Acevedo prints called Nu Cynthesis and Davis Acevedo appeared as part of SIGGRAPH03/TAS (Traveling Art Show) at this venue:

Feb. 15-Mar. 27
Cite des Sciences et de l'Industrie, Paris ACM SIGGRAPH Professional and Student Chapter. Contact: Patrick Saint-Jean

2004: Acevedo shows work at Digital Art Museum (DAM), Berlin

Acevedo prints called Nu Cynthesis and Dvis Acevedo appeared as part of SIGGRAPH03/TAS (Traveling Art Show) at this venues:

Sept. 13-Oct. 15
William Paterson University, Ben Shahn Gallery
Contact: Steve Rittler

June 14-July 2
East Tennessee ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter. Ewing Gallery, U. of Tennessee, Knoxville
Contact: Kyle McDaniel or Brian Hingerty

An Acevedo image was included in this show: LEADING THE EDGE MILLENNIUM MUSEUM DIGITAL GALLERY in BEIJING, CHINA - Exhibition: May 28 - June 13, 2004 Symposium: May 28 & May 29

2003: Acevedo shows two works in the SIGGRAPH03 exhibition, San Diego, California: Nu Cynthesis and Davis Acevedo. this year.

Acevedo's illustrated essay called "Spacetime with M.C. Escher and R. Buckminster Fuller" was published in the book called "Escher's Legacy: A Centennial Celebration" edited by Doris Schatschneider and Michelle Emmer

2002: In October, Acevedo shows work with Michael Wright in a two-man show called Digital Duality mounted at EZTV CyberSpace Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

2001: Acevedo shows 3 pieces in the New York Digital Salon Selected Works Exhibition. The show was held at the Corning Gallery in New York City. The works are The Lacemaker, The Violinist and Suit on the Phone

Acevedo's piece called Millennium Epicenter is included in the YLEM 20th Anniversary Show, San Francisco, CA

Acevedo's 1994 computer graphic images called Skull and 4D Memory Cluster grace the front and back covers of the Leonardo Journal volume 34 no.4

Victor Acevedo showed work in an international group show of digital art called Silent Motion at Kingston University in Kingston on Thames, UK. The show runs from 24 May - 29 June 2001 and later moves to the Colville Place Gallery in Central London starting July 6. Works include Dave in Orense and Eric in Orense.

2000: Some of Acevedo's early work is included in LEONARDO Journal 33:1 and in LEONARDO online. The works include Ectoplasmic Kitchen and Void Matrix Lattice.

Acevedo participates in a panel discussion at LACMA which is moderated by Howard Fox. On the panel with Acevedo are Graham Nash, Patric Prince, Michael Wright, Jennifer Steinkamp, Peter Frank, Mac Holbert

1999: Acevedo's computer graphic image called The Lacemaker is included in the ACM/SIGGRAPH Documentary, The Story of Computer Graphics.

Acevedo's work is included in POD1 at Vibrant gallery SoHo NYC. This seminal show is co-organized by Acevedo with POD gallery founder Kevin Mutch.

In September, Acevedo's work is included in the exhibition celebrating the 20th anniversary of EZTV/Cyberspace held at the American Film Institute.

1998: Acevedo is interviewed on and then later guest-hosts for G.H. Hovagimyan's ART DIRT - a weekly webcast digital-art chat show with live video & audio streaming @ Pseudo Online Networks. Later this year the show's complete digital archives are acquired by the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN

On April 15th, Acevedo delivers a talk on Digital Fine Art at the School of Visual Arts as part of a public lecture series celebrating the institution's 50th year anniversary. Acevedo shares the stage with ACM/SIGGRAPH's Lynn Pocock and Cynthia Pannucci of ASCI - Art Science Collaborations Inc.

Acevedo is invited to exhibit his early work in Homage to Escher at the M.C.Escher Centennial Congress in ROME. The works were Four-fold Rotational Wasp and Ectoplasmic Kitchen

Exhibits for the first time in the official Art Show of the 25th Annual ACM/SIGGRAPH Conference, Orlando, FL

1997: Los Angeles: Acevedo co-produces with Michael Wright and others the major unauthorized ACM/SIGGRAPH '97 "Satellite Show" called L.A. DIGILANTES.

1996: Acevedo exhibits in the 4th NY Digital Salon @ School of Visual Arts / Leonardo Journal Vol.20 No.5

1995: Co-produces with Michael Wright (LA) and Cynthia Pannucci (NY) a Bi-Coastal NY-LA Exhibition called: Digital SITE, in Collaboration with ASCI.

Victor moves to New York City, lives at first in Murray Hill near corner of 34th St. and 1st Avenue.

1994: Exhibits in the "Golden Plotter" show - Gladbeck Germany, a catalogue is produced. Exhibits in the 2nd NY Digital Salon @ School of Visual Arts, NYC

1993: Co-produces and exhibits in "Digital Salon Des Independents" @ CyberSpace Gallery. Exhibits 2 works at ISEA @ MCAD in Minnesota,MN

1992: Acevedo is a key player in the founding of the only digital art gallery in L.A. - CyberSpace Gallery at EZTV. The exhibition is called Silent Partners.

1991: Acevedo's work called Wired Couple is given honorable mention at Prix Ars Electronica, in Linz Austria

1990: Co-Produces with Michael Masucci and Patric Prince and exhibits in SIGGRAPH/L.A. ART90 @ EZTV. A Catalogue is published.

1989: August: Acevedo's first solo show of all digital prints at Metropolis Restaurant, Los Angeles California

1988: February: Exhibits his computer work for the first time in LA, CA: The work shown includes Ectoplasmic Kitchen (version 2)

1987: Completes his first Computer images, which he calls the Ectoplasmic Kitchen Series

1986: Acevedo shows work in New York City for the first time at an exhibit called "Uncommon Denominator" Works include Vector-Equilbrium Localized.

1984: Concurrent to the study of Synergetic Geometry, stops using traditional media to produce graphical artifacts.

1983: Acevedo meets and interacts with R. Buckminster Fuller many times over a 6 month period.

1982: First One-man show @ a small alternative space called: Los Angeles CA

1981: Acevedo completes his study of painting and drawing at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA

1980: Acevedo meets Andy Warhol for the first time at the Famous Amos' Cookie Shop on Sunset Blvd. Hollywood. Victor was there with Debi Szarkowski

1979:By special permission, in July, for 8 days straight, Acevedo analyzes and makes hand-transcriptions of the periodic-space division studies in M.C. Escher's personal notebooks archived at the Gemeentemuseum in Den Haague, Holland.

1977: Acevedo begins a college level study of drawing and painting @ University of New Mexico, Albuquerque. In July, he makes an M.C. Escher inspired pilgrimage to the Alhambra in Granada, Spain. Later he meets Salvador Dali in Figueras, he unabashedly shows the master one of his neophyte drawings.

1975: Spends many hours looking thru a quality paperback collection of Salvador Dali's paintings.

1973: Sees M.C. Escher's Retrospective at the Museum of Science & Industry, Los Angeles, CA

1971-2: Takes art classes at Alhambra High School

1965: Acevedo sees M.C Esher's work in a Time-Life book.

1964: Acevedo sees Salvador Dali's "Persistence of Memory" in an encyclopedia.

1958:Spontaneously begins drawing as a small child.