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May 19, Victor Carl Acevedo is born at 7:42 am in Los Angeles (Maywood Hospital), California - he is the second of three brothers. Victor's older brother, David Mark Acevedo was born on June 10th 1951.

Nick buys the two boys a large 4 x 6 foot. chalkboard and installs it in their room. Victor and his brother David spontaneously and naturally draw for hours on end. Victor recalls an accident: "Playing with a lighter, flicking it on and off and then curiously wondering if the nice green chalk board would light up or tarnish with the flame...It doesn't but I give out a blood curdling scream - the lighter is leaking and lighter fluid drops on my hand and two of my fingers light on fire! Father comes running. In the aftermath, my fingers are painfully gooed out with 2nd degree burns wrapped with light bandaging and salve after a visit to the doctor...."

September 18, Eric Lee Acevedo (Victor's younger brother) is born.
Soon after, the family moves to Monterey Park from East Los Angeles.Victor and David begin attending Fremont School in Alhambra.

Victor's father, Nick teaches him 1 and 2 point perspective. The curious 9 year-old takes delight in being able to have a heightened realism in his drawings.

School change: begins attending Monterey Highlands - Mrs Myers. Victor's earliest memory of seeing M.C. Escher's work at age 10 or 11. The young lad would look at the books during breaks from playing pool with his father grand father and older brother. "The images that i recall are Relativity (1953) and House of Stairs (1951) they were published in the Time-Life series - either in Mathematics, The Scientist or Light and Vision"

Inspired by the Beatles, at age twelve, Victor takes up the guitar - thus beginning a nine year struggle to express and create in what for him is "the wrong art form"

Beginning this year Victor with his brother David start a series of one of a kind books filled with poetry and drawings called Rainbowland. (Plastic-bound and covered - included felt pen drawings)

Hanging with brother Dave's older crowd, Victor is introduced to Transendental meditation and Tai Chi Ch'uan by a Dave's visionary English teacher called Mr. George.

In September, at Alhambra High School, as a junior, Victor takes a drawing class and shows talent. In creative writing class he sees a film by classmates Dave Ochoa & Rick Nunez - POV: Walking on Hollywood Blvd - seeing a big neon Coke sign the soundtrack is Cream's I Feel Free. At the Mansour residence, just up the street, during breaks in band rehearsals,Victor studies with fascination Bosch'sGarden of Earthly Delights published in the Horizon book series. Victor's first girl friend is Roberta Butler.

Victor takes an art class called 'Advertising Design' with a Mr. Crandall. Acevedo, recalls "the class itself was a bit lame, but there were some lovely girls in it." In June of this year he graduates from high school. Continuing on with his guitar playing, Victor actively pursues music as his vocation - it will be another three years before he hits a dead end with it all. In the Summer, at age 18, Victor loses his virginity to his lovely new girl friend Carolyn Hopkins.

Victor Sees M.C. Escher's Retrospective at the Museum of Science and Industry, LA CA. Meets Rebecca Petrilla who is to become his first serious girl friend. Rebecca has a copy of the book The World of M.C. Escher by Locher, etc. She might have told Victor about the Escher exhibition.

Victor and Becky move in together at a little house in Alhambra.He meets Eliot Bissey and later Larry Klein who lives in Monterey Park. Larry is a brilliant young bass player who later goes on to marry singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell, sometime in the 1980s.

In the month of December, age 21, Acevedo takes his first trip to Europe. He visits the Vincent Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. It's around this time he gets a small quality paper back with a selection of Salvador Dali's paintings. Victor many times whiles away the time gazing at these wonderful pictures. Victor meets Paul McCartney outside EMI studios, London.

Victor moves to Albuquerque, New Mexico - gradually stops playing music and then sells his electric guitar and amp on consignment. "Following Rebecca who was going to college there....I went for a week and ended up staying 3 years..." Acevedo has often said, describing this time. He worked at a record store near the University of New Mexico called Natural Sound.

Acevedo begins a college level study of drawing and painting at University of New Mexico, Albuquerque. Summer: car tour of Spain: In Madrid Del Prado: Velasquez: Las Meninas. Bosch: Garden of Earthly Delights. Brueghel: Triumph of the Dead. Influenced by Escher - pilgrimage to the Alhambra in Granada. Looking thru recently installed safety glass, Acevedo looks out over the city below. At this moment he experiences a revelatory precursive glimpse of his future oeuvre via a glass reflected tessellation superimposed on architectural and biomorphic schema. Later on the same trip, the meets Salvador Dali in Figueras, he unabashedly shows the master one of his neophyte drawings...

"I acquired 2 more books about Escher and his work, The Magic Mirror of M.C.Escher, by Bruno Ernst [2], and Fantasy and Symmetry - the periodic drawings of M.C. Escher, by Caroline MacGillvary [3]. These would be perused again and again, as I strove to unlock Escher's secrets." Another book acquired that year was The Tao of Physics, by Frijof Capra. 3rd tour of Europe. Paris: The Louvre Copenhagen, London, Solsbury Plain - see Stonehenge. Visit Los Angeles at the end of the tour. The family stays at a rented apartment in South Pasadena.

Jan: Victor moves back to Los Angeles - Attend Art Center College of Design thru May '81- Acevedo studies: traditional painting and drawing. Fourth overseas tour: Bahrain; Cairo, Geza: The Great Pyramid; Athens: The Parthenon; Rome: Caravaggio and Sistine Chapel, Florence, Venice, East and West Berlin; Paris: The Louvre; Holland: Amsterdam, Delft: Vermeer's hometown; Rotterdam Scheveninger and Den Haague: For 8 days study at the M.C. Escher Foundation - making hand transcriptions of Escher's personal notebooks - unlock 2D tessellated zoomorphic methods. Paint Napoleonic Seal - oil on canvas. Begin Attending Art Center College of Design.

By special permission, in July, for 8 days straight, Acevedo analyzes and makes hand-transcriptions of the periodic-space division studies in M.C. Escher's personal notebooks archived at the Gemeentemuseum in Den Haague, Holland.

April: Graphite drawing: Four-fold Rotational Wasp - Fish Orifice Covet July: Circumnavigate the Globe: LA to NY: Picasso Retrospective at MOMA. London: Tate Gallery: Dali Retrospective. London to Bahrain (Persian Gulf). Far East Tour: Bahrain to India: New Delhi: Day trip to the Taj Mahal. In Hong Kong buy polyhedra books: Peter Pierce and Critchlowe, revelatory: 3 space tessellation = all-space filling polyhedral networks. Japan: Tokyo: Hilton, Kyoto, Nara, Tokyo to Los Angeles Nov: Graphite drawing: Slated Breakfast/Visceral Analytic. Acevedo meets Andy Warhol for the first time @ Famous Amos' Cookie Shop on Sunset Blvd. Hollywood, CA

At ACCD: Take a survey class with writer, Gene Youngblood - See Video Digital effects and Computer Generated Graphics for the first time. See Sunstone by Ed Emschwiller. CGI lecture by James Blinn. read Critical Path by Bucky Fuller. Stay in Athens Greece: May to Dec. Oil Paintings: Sad Voyeur Watching Orthogonal Womanhood. 3 versions of Enantiomorphic Moire Luncheon. Make a variety of Polyhedra models and produce super 8 Films: Dymaxion Polymorph, Tetrahedronic Love, Motion Study and Delirium Breakfast. Graduates from Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA., Fine Arts Major.

Live at Las Palmas Ave. Apt. Hollywood CA (thru August) May: First One-Man Show S.H.O.F.A. Exhibit drawing and paintings produced '79 -'82. Oil Painting: Approximately Noon Onward: Icosahedronic Moment , Produce Limited Edition Etching: Macro Synapse - Cuboctahedron Periphery. 2nd One-Man Show: Dec18-Jan 16 '83 at Lhasa Club Hollywood CA. Both Shows Video Documented. Publish Xerox Monograph: Victor Acevedo: Ephemeral Pavilion. First One-man show @ a small alternative space called: S.H.O.F.A. in Los Angeles CA.

Jan-July: Meet and interact with R. Buckminster Fuller on several occasions and contexts many times over a 6 month period.
Acevedo presents a photo-etching: Macro Synapse-Cuboctahedron Periphery and Xerox print of Void Matrix Lattice to RBF personally in his study, Pacific Palisades, CA. July: Participate in Synergetics Workshop conducted by Amy Edmondson at BFI, Philadelphia PA. July 25-30: To NYC: check out the East Village Scene, chat with Andy Warhol at Dancerteria. In August: Car/Plane Tour of Spain and Portugal, Madrid: Del Prado; Velasquez et al. From Sept - Dec., stay in Glyfada, Greece. In December Acevedo returns to Los Angeles.

Spring: Attend Computer graphic classes at West Coast University, LA. June: participate in LACE Cotton Exchange Show, Downtown LA - late entry, not on the official roster. Exhibit large Oil 4x6': Slated Breakfast Visceral Analytic. Publish xerox monograph for LACE bookstore sale: Acevedo- Graphic Work. Nov.: Group show: '14 Artists' K-Supply gallery: 220 So. Rose, LA . Acevedo published in Ray Zone's: Zomoid Comix (Vol. 1 No. 13) Co-create and chair: Synergetics study and Discussion group at Buckminster Fuller Institute LA - participants include: David Koski, Felix Szeto, Jeff Milch and Russell Chu. Last oil painting: 2 Philosophers - left unfinished. This image later becomes the subject of a 1988 computer generated series. Concurrent to the study of Synergetic Geometry, discontinues the use of traditional media to produce graphical artifacts.

January: Group Show: Anti-Club. LA - Exhibit: Photo transfer print: Vector Equilibrium Localized. Feb.: Group Show: Strangely enough: Exhibit 2 oils at LA SIGGRAPH mounted Electronic Arts Performance and Exhibition at the Palace, Hollywood, CA Work as digitizer at Laser Media. Attend CGI classes at UCLA extension. Older brother: David becomes seriously ill - returns home to LA from Athens. July: Group Show: Anti Club gallery LA - Exhibits etching: Macro Synapse - Cuboctahedron Periphery. Autumn: first hands-on experience with Cubicomp/ 3D modeling computer graphics system: DMP & Bechtold Studios. December, Acevedo visits NYC. Stay East Village - Pilgrimage to Dakota Apt Bldg. sometime in the early hours of December 9.

Live at 1800 N. Grace Ave Hollywood CA. Acevedo shows work in New York City for the first time at an exhibit called Uncommon Denominator in March which was a group Show: at Virgil gallery: East Village 6th Street / NYC - Curated by Oliver Rish.
June 26: Older brother dies of brain tumor - Entire Acevedo family hit very hard. Summer: Lumena Paint System Work at Dourmashkin Productions, trad graphic design and illustration with MVC.

Jan-August: Employed by Board Room Business Graphics in spare time, produce: Ectoplasmic Kitchen Series - Computer generated images, using: West End Film Artworks. Sept.: Multi - Media Electronic Arts Performance with the Math Band at Cal State LA. Oct.: Group Show: CRA Art Waves exhibit: Grand Hope Park & LATC. Acrylic on canvas banner calledEthernet.

February: Group Show: LACPS - Brand Library gallery, Glendale CA. curated by William Orlander. Exhibit: 3 16x20" Cibachromes - Artist Proofs: Ectoplasmic Kitchen - versions1&2 and Bathe Matrix - v1. November: Group show: 2nd Annual Computer Art & Electronic Media Exhibition at Eastern Washington University - curated by Richard Twedt. Throughout the year employed by Management Graphics - in the evenings produce: 2 Philosophers and Semiotic Outback series at Fullerton College using: Cubicomp and Lumena.

Participate in ten group shows - including: April: New Technology Artworks - College of Architecture, Texas A&M U. July: All-City Invitational - LA Municipal gallery. Sept.: Imagine Tokyo '89 - Sogetsu & Konica galleries - Tokyo. Nov.: Hudson Valley '89 Mid-Hudson Art & Science Center- Poughkeepsie, NY. Dec.: Computer Art Invitational - Abaci gallery of Computer Art- Portland Oregon. August: One man Show: Metropolis Restaurant. Jan-Aug.: Artist in residence: IPS and Simgraphics Engineering Corp. Aug. to present: Artist in residence: Video Image Productions - Torrance CA.

January: Group Show : Computer Art Invitational Mercer Island, Washington. Jan- Oct. Gallery Artist: Williams Lamb Gallery Long Beach CA. April 3rd: Acevedo delivers lecture entitled: Planar & Polyhedral Metaphors at Pitzer College, Claremont CA .Shows slides and reviews his 11-year oeuvre. Sept.: Group Show CyberArts International Biltmore Hotel LA CA. Ectoplasmic Kitchen is printed upside down in Conference Program. Sept.- Oct: Group show SIGGRAPH/LA ART '90 at EZTV West Hollywood. A is catalogue published

August: Television appearance: Public access cable talk show program Art Scene. Host: Stephen Jerrom other guests: Rebecca Allen, David Em, Patric Prince. In September, a televison appearance: FNN Financial News Network Program Appreciating Art. Published in August and October: WEST Coast Forum, Published in Dec.: THE BOOK - reproduction of the Cyber-Vid Playroom series: LA Dec 27 : Purchase 1979 Red Honda 4-Door Accord galvanized/reincarnation: --see Malibu subliminal suicide cliff-drive-off episode, on April 23.
Co-Produces with Michael Masucci and Patric Prince and exhibits in SIGGRAPH/L.A. ART90 @ EZTV

Jan 10 -31: Group Show: 4th Annual Computer Art Invitational: Eastern Washington University Exhibit: Green Fish Head & Wire Frame Plates - Cibachrome print 16x20" This image reproduced on show poster and is scheduled to tour 16 Western United States: 2 years. Macintosh work an Metro Graphics and Venice magazine. Prix Ars Electronica Honorable mention. Acevedo's work is given honorable mention at Prix Ars Electronica, in Linz Austria

Acevedo is a key player in the founding of the only digital art gallery in L.A., California - CyberSpace Gallery at EZTV

Co-produces and exhibits in Digital Salon Des Independents @ CyberSpace Gallery. Exhibits at ISEA (International Symposium on Electronic Art) @ MCAD in Minnesota1994: Exhibits in the Golden Plotter show - Gladbeck Germany, a catalogue is produced.

Exhibits in the 2nd Annual NY Digital Salon @ School of Visual Arts

AcevedoOfficially moves to New York City, lives at first in Murray Hill near corner of 34th Street and 1st Avenue.Co-produces and exhibits in a Bi-Coastal NY-LA Exhibition called: Digital SITE, in Collaboration with ASCI

Acevedo Exhibits in the 4th Annual NY Digital Salon @ School of Visual Arts / See Leonardo Journal Vol.20 No.5

In Los Angeles: Acevedo Co-produces and exhibits in the major unauthorized ACM/SIGGRAPH '97 "Satellite Show" a group retrospective at the Museum of art Downtown, Los Angeles, that is called L.A. Digilantes.

Acevedo is interviewed on & then later guest-hosts for G.H. Hovagimyan's ART DIRT - a weekly webcast digital-art chat show with live video & audio streaming @ Pseudo Online Networks. Later this year the show's complete digital archives are acquired by the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota. On April 15th, Acevedo delivers a talk on Digital Fine Art at the School of Visual Arts as part of a public lecture series celebrating the institution's 50th year anniversary. Acevedo shares the stage with ACM/SIGGRAPH's Lynn Pocock and Cynthia Pannucci of ASCI /Art Science Collaborations Inorporated. Acevedo is invited to exhibit his early work in Homage to Escher at the M.C.Escher Centennial Congress in Rome. Acevedo exhibits for the first time in the official Art Show of the 25th Annual ACM/SIGGRAPH Conference, Orlando, FL

Acevedo's computer graphic work called The Lacemaker is featured in the ACM/SIGGRAPH documentary The Story of Computer Graphics . September: Acevedo's work included at the exhibition celebrating the 20th anniverary of the EZTV/Cyberspace gallery held at AFI. He appears in Nona Rota's film about EZTV founder, John Dorr. Acevedo co-produces the Cynthia Show with Terri Ferrari of Metal Tiger and performance artist Cynthia DeMoss. They stage performances on 6 October and 2 December at the club called Baktun at 418 West 14th Street, NYC. Acevedo produces the piece called Millennium Epicenter which is used to promote the show. On New Year's Eve, 31 December Victor meets Milica Polovina.

Opening April 7th, Acevedo exhibits work at the Podgallery@Spectra Digital Arts NYC. works include Millennium Epicenter, A Glass of Wine with Harry and 4D Memory Cluster. In May, Acevedo helps jury the gallery work entries for the 8th NY Digital Salon. June 1st, Acevedo moves to Green Point, Brooklyn, where he sets up a studio.

Summer: Acevedo begins compiling catalogues of both his traditional and digital bodies of work and also authors the monograph called Acevedo in Context.

On 7 October Acevedo shows 2 works at a one night exhibition at the Construction Company NY in conjunction with the Cynthia Show. These being Millennium Epicenter and Springside Cynthesis. 29 October, he appears as a panelist at the famous Algonquin Hotel for a discussion called Digital Art at the Turn of the Century. It is moderated by Bruce Wands and includes Cynthia Pannucci of ASCI. 7 November, Acevedo moderates a panel held at the School of Visual Arts amphitheater featuring four artists appearing in the Eighth NY Digital Salon.

On Sunday, 12 November he begins work on a series of short digital videos at his GreenPoint studio. 27 November, he delivers a lecture on his work at SVA, as part of the Monday night speaking series in the MFA Computer art department.

As part of the Unbearables Arts Festival, opening March 31st, Acevedo shows his work at the Doom Gallery in Asbury Park, NJ, exhibiting a 30 x28" Roland Cammjet print February 29, '93 version 1 and a 16x20" Iris print of Suit on the Phone (from 1994). Acevedo does not attend, due to prior committments. Additionally for the Festival, on April 7, Acevedo shows a small Digital C print of Skull at Bullet Space on 3rd Street between Avenues C & D, (in Alphabet City) East Village NYC. Opening May 24th, Acevedo exhibits work in a show called Silent Motion at the Stanley Picker Gallery at Kingston University, Surrey, England. Works include Millennium Epicenter, and A Glass of Wine with Harry In July, the exhibit moves to Colville Place Gallery in Central London.