Ectoplasmic Kitchen v1
Size: various
Date created: Spring 1987
Medium: computer graphic

Ectoplasmic Kitchen is Acevedo's first important computer graphic work. It is the most famous iteration in his Ectoplasmic Kitchen series, produced in 1987. Among some of the venues in which it has appeared over the years include: the Electronic Media Exhibition, Eastern Washington University 10 November - 9 December 1988; Siggraph LA Art '90 at EZTV; CyberArts International, Los Angeles 1991; reproduced in Computer Graphics Artwork, a book published in Tokyo,1992; M.C. Escher Centennial Congress, Rome 1998; reproduced in the Leonardo Journal Volume 33 No.1 1999.

It was created on a IBM AT clone running West End Film Artworks software and was initially issued in 1988 as a 16x20" Cibachrome Print.

Acevedo: The protagonist watches himself in this picture of an out-of-body experience. I think of this image as being a meta-physical snap-shot. We see a person inside a great-circle spheric attention-span bubble crystallized in sympathetic resonance. A consciousness embodied, tuned to a psychically and enegetically charged considerable-set. The open-packed zoomorphics are arrayed symmetrically about double 3-fold roto-centers. The creatures emerge from an underlying triangular and hexagonal grid. They signify brahman-transducer prana envelopes in the guise of the icons: chicken, lizard and newt. The red lines are highlighted furniture and table-object edge-vector perspectival trajectories converging toward various implied vanishing points.