(Rose) Bathe Matrix
Size: various
Date created: Spring 1987
Medium: computer graphic

Acevedo: (Rose) Bathe Matrix is one of the many variants in the Ectoplasmic Kitchen series from 1987. This was vaguely influenced by Matisse's Red Studio. Using the same figures from Ectoplasmic Kitchen, this version includes an overlay of a vectorial matrix. I worked on it after hours at Boardroom Business Graphics, which was located in downtown, L.A. on Olympic Avenue. It was a vector graphics program, sort of like Adobe Illustrator, however Pansophic's Artworks actually had a Z-buffer which provided some limited 3D capability. I would output slides via a film recorder and develop the film myself in a small darkroom. The piece was created on a PC running Artworks software. The working method was to first make a line drawing that was a traced distillation of the original photo. I drew polygonal areas corresponding to the various changes in luminance values throughout the image. The drawing was then "brought into the computer" with a camera "grab". Once on the screen, the polygonal areas were traced and filled in using software tools. The matrix overlay was created in a similar fashion, however only using line work.