Metalogue v1 (Tower)
Size: various
Date created: Spring 1987
Medium: computer graphic

This image was titled after interdisciplinary anthropologist Gregory Bateson's name for his didactic-allegorical conversations called Metalogues. Acevedo says he was thinking specifically about one logue called "Daddy, why do things get in a muddle?" The notion of the metalogue is that the structure of dialogue, in fact progressively mirrors its own content - thus the two way conversation becomes a metalogue.

Looking at the Picture: the 'muddle' is evoked with the curious Surrealistic jumble of elements arrayed against a jet-black void. On the left: an "Anti-gravity" table with a still-life suspended on its side, hovers in the air. On the right, a little girl is standing on Daddy's head. This being obscured slightly by a rectangular edge-vector tower. The top rectangular cell being inscribed by 2 interpenetrating vector tetrahedra. Just left of center, is a young man frozen in a kind of quizzical eye-squint-praying-mantis posture. Perhaps he's the perplexed witness to this dialectic in a muddle..

Created on IBM AT Clone Running West End Film Artworks Software the file was then output to a 4x5 transparency via a Matrix QCR Digital Film Recorder. The 1st print taken from the transparency was sometime in December 1989.