Wired Couple - Concentric Rhombic Dodecahedra (CRD)
Size: various
Date created: Spring 1988
Medium: Computer graphic

Acevedo scanned a photograph he took in 1983 into the computer and manipulated it in various ways. The work was performed on an IBM AT clone with a Cubicomp frame buffer running a Cubicomp 3D modeler and a digital paint software called True Color Paint. The image was then ported to a Macintosh and further worked on with Adobe Photoshop.

The following note written in 1991, is a description of another picture from the Wired Couple series, however much of it is quite relevant to the version shown here.

In this work, Acevedo pays an off-hand homage to Tintoretto, Carravaggio and Francis Bacon. His usual digital 3D model overlay is here, as well as an exploding calligraphic bio-mass floating between the pictured couple, which is in fact remnants of a zoomorphic pinwheel. Does it signify the psychic toxic ejaculation of co-dependent spew emanating from the man? If so, the woman seems to be holding her own in light of her critical proximity while the man maintains a skewered shrunken head schizoid addictive detachment. However the scene is not morbid or evil just simply shadowy matter-of-fact - read: Bacon influence. The table at an oblique angle in fast convergent perspective replete with dinner plates rendered in wire frame or full shading, is an element inspired by Tintoretto's painting, The Last Supper. In the end, an impassioned quietude of spiritual pathos interpolates the computer-mediated source image from its origins in the electronic flash extract by Caravaggesc night.