Tell Me the Truth

Date created: 1989-90
Medium: Computer graphic




In 2005 an early print of Tell Me the Truth (dated 1991) was acquired by the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, as part of their acquisition of the Patric Prince Computer Art Collection. It is considered one of the most important collections of Computer fine art in the world today.

Acevedo: The piece called Tell Me the Truth had several inspirations, including a reference to Escher's print Stars. While the cage in Escher's print is formed by interlocked octahedra, a triacontahedron serves this function in my work. My friend, geometer David Koski helped me build it as a 3D computer graphic model on the Cubicomp.

Truth is about my older brother, David Acevedo, an excellent artist in his own right, who tragically succumbed to brain cancer in 1986. I began by combining two digitized photos, one of David and another of a few friends sitting around a table in front of my 1981 oil painting called Slated Breakfast Visceral Analytic. The composite image includes computer graphic artifacts like "wire-frame debris" and "brush strokes" using the software's rectangular fill feature. I even kept in the accidental data slur (seen at the bottom of the picture) as part of the final composition; this happened when saving a version to a hard drive that was too full to accommodate all the new data.




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