6.26-27.86 v1
Size: various
Date created:1990-91
Medium: Computer graphic

Named after the approximate time that David Acevedo passed away. An alternate version of this was reproduced in grayscale on the cover of the YLEM newsletter, Volume 14 No. 8 August 1994. This was initially created with the PC-based Targa paint system (TIPS), with the 3D geometry rendered with the Cubicomp. In the middle 1980s the Cubicomp was one of the first powerful 3D modeling systems for the desktop computer. Later on parts of the image were modified on the Mac with Photoshop. For instance the quasi-cubist treatment of the still life in the lower left corner.

Acevedo: This was around the time that I switched over to the Mac. The young woman in the picture always reminded me of a blind-folded Mona-lisa image, also referencing those funny old-fashion adult magazines that had tape over the people's eyes to obscure their identity.