Size: various
Date created: Spring 1993
Medium: Computer graphic

Axis was named by Acevedo's artist friend, Cheryl Gran. An early Macintosh work, this was originally created for an exhibition at the FAR Bazaar BQ held at the Sue Spaid Gallery during the Summer of 1993 in Los Angeles. It opened on the same day as Acevedo's first museum show, which was a group survey of digital prints held at the Lancaster Museum of Art.

The content for this four-plex image is as follows, clockwise starting from the top left square. 1. Concentric geodesic spheres, with a fractal shadow, which is a quote from Acevedo's rare digital print called Inside Out. 2. A section from one of his oil paintings textured mapped onto a sphere using Strata 3D. 3. A variant of Inside Out, further revealing the figures within, who happen to be Acevedo's friends Mary Vitelli and David Koski. 4. Finally in the last square, David Acevedo on a boat in Hong Kong, overlayed with a Mandelbrot set fractal.