NYC '83-85
Size: various
Date created: Spring 1993
Medium: Computer graphic

Created in Acevedo's studio in Hollywood, this image was first published under the title NYC '83, because he mistook the year of its source photograph. Mixing up visual memories of his Summer 1983 stay in New York with his December 1985 visit there, when the photo was actually taken. Hence the '85 was later added to the title. For the record Acevedo's trips to NYC took place as follows: July 1980, July 1983, December 1985, Fall 1993, April 1994, 6 trips during April-August '95. And then finally he moved there in September 1995.

The Surrealist character of this piece is somewhat Dalinian, especially with the inverted and abstracted crutch in the top center and the attenuated eye-object projections emanating from the protagonist's face on the left. With a wink, Acevedo calls this mad party scene, "a good smoking picture." Additionally this was the first time Acevedo introduced a muted semi-monochrome palette into his work. And it's one of the only times that he utilized 3D models generated entirely on a Macintosh, using the software called Strata 3D.