When I Get Back v1
Size: various
Date created: Spring 1994
Medium: Computer graphic

This image being one of 6 or 7 iterations, is a portrait of Victor's deceased brother, David (1951-86.) It's a picture about crossing over to the other side and the notion of reincarnation. The title comes from David's line spoken in a 1983 documentary film produced in Glyfada, Greece. "When I get back, L.A. won't be the same."

The source photo was taken at a rest stop under a bridge somewhere in Portugal on Summer holiday that same year. On the table you can see various bottles of a local beer called Super Bock. This recalls Acevedo's other famous beer reference as in the title of his 1983 graphite drawing called Rosey Pelican.

Eric Acevedo's hand and gray jean leg also appear in the picture, on the right. The double image of David's arm and hand is a reference to the flutter effect seen when a projected film slips out of sprocket alignment.

Acevedo: I included this effect to represent the jarring experience you have when evidence of a metaphor's sub-carrier is suddenly revealed, breaking the illusion. Like death breaking a life's illusion. I used the double image device before but in a different way for my 1982 painting called Synchromesh Cezannic Kennedy.