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Suit on the Phone

Date created: 1994
Medium: Computer graphic



Acevedo: Here again is another early SoftImage piece that I created when I was working in Hollywood as an IRIS print operator. This was at Klein Design in that tall thin building on the corner of Sunset and Vine. I could see the Cinerama dome from my window.

Suit, was originally done to respond to a call for work from the Kranert Art Museum. They turned it down but the piece was later accepted for the 2nd NY Digital Salon in 1994. This led to me meeting Digital Salon co-founder Bruce Wands the following August at Siggraph '95. This meeting eventually led to my teaching position at the School of Visual Arts.

This piece is based on a found image, a discarded slide from an 1980s corporate slide presentation. I had bought a slide projector at a garage sale, and this slide and a few others were left in the tray. The silver geometry is made up of alternating planar array networks of hexagons and triangles. The entire data base is duplicated and scaled down into a small dense cluster and it hides the protagonist's face