X Hour
Size: various
Date Originally created: Summer 1994
Medium: Computer graphic

"A good drinking picture." Acevedo would often say, seemingly off the cuff, when he spoke of this picture. A melancholic snapshot of self-reflection and perhaps the emblematic purge of gloom to redemption. The X referring to the cross-cut nexus in the composition, but also referring to death or its micro dose conjured specter via cigarettes and alcohol. It also symbolizes the notion of perennial pandemic factors unknown and perhaps a nod to Generation X itself. That demographic nom de guere was well afloat in the media sky in the middle '90s. The geometry was assembled using Softimage and Acevedo took the photo of a bar scene in Glyfada, Greece sometime in 1981.

Acevedo: Regarding the title, I was also thinking about a tangential reference to that Tears for Fears song called The Working Hour which had come out about 10 years before.