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The Lacemaker

Date created: 1996
Medium: Computer graphic



The Lacemaker is one of Acevedo's most famous works. It was exhibited at the ACM/SIGGRAPH98 Art Show in Orlando, Florida, July 19-24 1998. Concurrently it was featured in the gallery section of the magazine called Computer Graphics World (Volume 21 No. 7). The following year it was featured in the ACM/SIGGRAPH documentary called The Story of Computer Graphics.

Acevedo: The Lacemaker is an homage to the famous same-titled painting by Johannes Vermeer, circa 1665. I was always fascinated how Dali became obsessed with this image for a time in the middle 1950s. He went on to paint his own abstracted rendering of it in about 1955, which is quite nice.

For my version, I took the original photograph of a friend on New Year's Eve 1995. I hadn't deliberately set out to do it, but all the elements came together in a split second of recognition. Not consciously posing, she happened to be reassembling a bracelet that had come undone. She appeared to be emulating the posture of the woman in Vermeer's painting - at that instant, I snapped the picture.

As a student, Vermeer and early Velasquez were influences, of mine. I loved how they took everyday life as their subject. The 1995 New Year's Eve synchronicity underscores my continuing interest in everyday life as seen, recorded and then digitally re-visioned into a kind of meta-physical photographic archive.