Edie Sedgwick
Size: various
Date created: Fall 1997
Medium: Computer graphic

Billy Name or Billy Linich as he's known to close friends, liked Acevedo's style and he let him borrow a few of his original negatives to scan and overlay his geometry on. It didn't hurt that the geometry was metallic and silvery. In Fall 1996 there were plans for Acevedo to do a solo show at the Gershwin Hotel Gallery, but it all fell through because of communication breakdown and misunderstandings between Acevedo and the hotel's PR person.

Acevedo: This was a collaboration with Andy Warhol's associate, Billy Name. Billy had been the Factory photographer from 1963-68. The original photo was a production still of actress Edie Sedgwick on the set of one of Warhol's films. I first met Billy in September 1995 at the original Gavin Browne's Enterprise down on Broome Street in West Soho. Billy was having a show that night and my friend Oliver Rish invited me to it. I didn't see him again for almost a year later, when I attended a party at the Gershwin Hotel on East 27 Street just off Fifth Ave. I found this whole Post Warhol - pseudo Chelsea Hotel-Max Kansas City-CBGBS scene going on. A few of the originals, like Gerard Malanga or punk photographer Lee Childers Black would turn up and also a lot of peripherals, who sort of made up the '90s Victor Bockris crowd.

One night, they had a book signing party for the re-release of Bockris' book on Burroughs subtitled something like Notes from the Bunker. As a kind of performance piece, in the middle of the noisy crowd they telephoned Bill back in Kansas. I recall them sticking a microphone to the receiver but you couldn't hear much. It was never clear if it was really Burroughs or just a bad tape recording. I tend to believe it was the real thing - years later I saw the same stunt documented in a film about the Beats, this time Ginsberg made the call, but that time the tech was well organized.