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SIGGRAPH03, San Diego, California July 27-31 2003

July 27-31 - Acevedo exhibited two works in the Siggraph03 Artshow in San Diego, CA. The images are called David Acevedo and NuCynthesis. Acevedo: "The David piece was misspelled in the catalogue as Davis Acevedo, but it's sort of growing on me."

Victor also wrote an essay for the catalogue called Why Digital Prints Matter.


July 29 - Victor during an interview in front of one of his prints at the Siggraph Artshow.

July 30 - Sharing a good laugh at a Siggraph reception. L to R: Bruce Wands, Victor Acevedo, Yoichiro Kawaguchi, Michael Wright.

July 27 - Victor and Bruce looking rather intent at an offsite event at the San Diego Art Institute. This image was later adopted by Acevedo for one of his prints.

July 30 - Michael Wright, Siggraph03 Artshow chair at the Pratt Alumni reception. That's Robert Michael Smith looking over his shoulder. Michael's conception and implementation of this year's art show made it a tremendous success. Wright has said that he took on the challenge as a very large Digilante event.

More pictures from Siggraph03


Victor Acevedo's illustrated article called Space Time with M.C. Escher and Buckminster Fuller is published by Springer Verlag in the book called Escher's Legacy; A Centennial Celebration. It is co-edited by Doris Schattschneider and Michele Emmer

As quoted from the Springer site: One of the most popular artists of the 20th century, M. C. Escher, leaves a rich legacy. The centennial celebration of his birth, held in Rome and Ravello in 1998, gave testimony to the keen interest and new insight into his work, and showcased a number of contemporary artists and scientists whose work is directly inspired by that of Escher. This book contains 40 of their articles, richly illustrated with original art works in addition to well-known and little-known works by Escher. A CD-ROM complements the articles, containing color illustrations of work by contemporary artists, movies, animations, and other demonstrations.


Table of Contents:

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Michael Wright and Victor Acevedo are artists and the founders of the Digilantes, an underground digital art group who produced many memorable exhibitions in Los Angeles throughout the 1990s. They are exhibiting their work together at EZTV's Cyberspace Gallery http:// from October 4th thru December 30, 2002. Although Acevedo and Wright have shown together many times since 1992, DIGITAL DUALITY marks the first time they are participating in a strictly two-man show. This exhibition presents an opportunity to view their recent work and their special rapport and artistic synergy first hand. The opening reception will take place from 6 - 9pm on Friday October 4th 2002. This event is free and open to the public.

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News Highlight 11 July 2001
Acevedo is interviewed briefly on Local TV channel NY1 (dial up) (broadband)



Acevedo's NYDS juror's statement published in Leonardo Journal vol.34 no.5


Acevedo's piece called Millennium Epicenter included in the YLEM 20th Anniversary Show, San Francisco, CA.

Acevedo's 1994 computer graphic images called Skull and 4D Memory Cluster grace the front and back covers of the Leonardo Journal volume 34 no.4

Past appearances of Acevedo imagery in Leonardo Journal include several of his early traditional media images in the Homage to Escher exhibit online:
Also in the corresponding article in hardcopy Leonardo Journal Vol. 33 No. 1

In hardcopy there is the Volume 29 Number 5 1996 4th NY Digital Salon on page 438 is a horizontally flipped reproduction of The Violinist.


Acevedo is interviewed briefly on the Local NYC Television Channel called NY1.

Acevedo shows 3 pieces in the New York Digital Salon Selected Works Exhibition. The show was held at the Corning Gallery in New York City. The works are The Lacemaker, The Violinist and Suit on the Phone. The Violinist had been in the The Salon in '96 and Suit was in back in 1994. The Lacemaker was entered in '96 but The Violinist was selected that year instead.


Silent Motion opens at the Colville Place gallery in London
This abbreviated show includes Acevedo's A Glass of Wine with Harry.


Acevedo shows 4 works in a group show at Galerie der Gegenwart, Weisbaden, Germany

23 MAY

Victor Acevedo showed work in an international group show of digital art called Silent Motion at Kingston University in Kingston on Thames, UK. The show runs from 24 May - 29 June 2001 and later moves to the Colville Place Gallery in Central London starting July 6. Acevedo will attend the opening. The work also includes the work of Lane Hall, Lisa Moline, Hans Dehlinger, Andrew Carnie, Annette Weintraub and James Faure Walker.

Acevedo exhibits 3 works in the show: A Glass of Wine with Harry (2000) Eric in Orense Spain 1983 and David in Orense (both 2001)

"Curated by James Faure Walker, Senior Research Fellow, this exhibition examines how contemporary artists use digital imaging to capture a sense of movement in still compositions, inspired by the work of Edwaerd Muybridge, who was born and died in Kingston upon Thames."