Slated Breakfast-Visceral Analytic
Size: 16 x 20 "
Medium: oil on canvas
Date created: Summer 1981

In November 1980, Acevedo completed a pencil drawing called Slated Breakfast -Visceral Analytic. In the Spring of 1981, he began painting a large version of the same subject. This 4x6 foot canvas was not finished until December 1982. However he was far enough along with it so that he felt comfortable showing it at his first one-man show in May 1982 at a Hollywood alternative art space called S.H.O.F.A. (Steve's House of Fine Art). The large canvas was shown publicly only 4 times. The next time was in December 1982 at the Lhasa club on the occasion of Acevedo's second solo exhibition.

In July 1984, it was shown for a few days at the infamous LACE Cotton Exchange show, downtown Los Angeles. Finally it appeared for one night at David Gurion's Attack Gallery annex space for a major end of year exhibition and holiday party. The small 16x20" version pictured here, was painted during a long holiday in Greece, Summer 1981.

Acevedo: This was based on a photograph I saw of two secretaries having lunch on a park bench in an old 1964 National Geographic magazine. A Slated Breakfast refers simply to a meal that is pre-planned like in the corporate world. The picture is expressive but it has that analytic component as well - that was the visceral-analytic part of the title.

At the time, I had this notion of bringing Escher's zoomorphics into the domain of painting, using the patterns as a metaphor for the metaphysical resonance that is operative in any given scene. I thought those animal forms would look good at large scale, I also thought I might make a series of large paintings, but I never did this is the only one.