Sad Voyeur Watching Orthogonal Womanhood
Size: 16 x 20 "
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Date created: Summer 1981

In May 1981, Acevedo went to Greece to visit his parents and brother David for an extended stay of about 5 months. They had moved there as Nick (Acevedo Sr.) and David were working with a civil engineering and construction firm based in Athens.

Still preoccupied with the main motif of his image called Slated Breakfast (the two woman interpenetrated by zoomorphic covered cubes) Victor painted one last variant called Sad Voyeur Watching Orthogonal Womanhood. The curious stair-stepping pattern on the composition's right is based on orthographically projected cubes. In this case the cubical clusters house zoomorphic data.

Acevedo: I enjoyed the self-similarity and tension between the hexagonal housings for the cubes and their corresponding hex-based rotational symmetry. The interpenetrating form was inspired by the well-known triad of interpenetrating golden mean rectangles that can be used as scaffolding to circumscribe an icosahedron.