Enantiomorphic Moire Luncheon (version 1)
Size: 16 x 20 "
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Date created: September 1981

Also while in Greece, Acevedo painted a series of three canvases all called Enantiomorphic Moire Luncheon. Only the first one, (shown here) was fully completed. The second one is fairly finished and the third was left about half done.

These paintings were produced in a studio set up at the house of Victor's brother David, up in the foothills of Glyfada, just outside of Athens. This brief period was recorded in a documentary film by Eric Acevedo called "You've made more progress than.." which includes rare footage of Victor working on these paintings.

The image is based on an advert from a British magazine showing a scene of two little girls making a cake. The main structure of the piece is the large broken bilateral symmetry showing the girls in mirror reflection.

The composition also features a jumble of graphical devices including an abstract overlay of a 3-fold rotational insect pattern and a cluster of open packed pentagonal dodecahedra. The piece further pursued Acevedo's agenda of combining disparate schools of 20th century painting while introducing polyhedra and zoomorphic tessellation into his content.