Synchromesh Cezannic Kennedy
Size: 16x20 "
Medium: oil on Canvas
Date created: Spring 1982
Not Currently Available

Acevedo: Another aspect to my own use of zoomorphic tessellation was in developing a looser calligraphic approach to the linear perimeters as well as using erratic color schemes in the painted versions - i.e. the underlying drawing would be periodic but the way they were colored was somewhat randomized. In the tessellation study for my painting called Synchromesh Cezannic Kennedy, there are permutations and anamorphs of a 3-fold rotational bird pattern.

I always thought that it was unfortunate that the intricate crystalline effect of this 'neo-expressive tessellation meltdown' was never as crisp in the final painting. This effect is almost like administering a wave filter in Adobe Photoshop. If you look at the final canvas this pattern appears like an impressionist's version of its original tight-knit faceting. Looking back many years later that's one of things that attracted me about new media. If your work is based on photographs why not alter and manipulate them directly like you can in the digital domain?