Approximately Noon Onward: Icosahedronic Moment
Size: 16 x 20 "
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Date created: December 1981 - Spring 1982

Acevedo: A painting I did in about 1982 called Approximately Noon Onward: Icosahedronic Moment included a cluster of icosahedra which I first rendered as a sculpture by folding up a group of ordinary picture postcards. The final version of the painting is pictured here. Photographs of this work in progress, show that the pictorial surface detail appearing on the postcards was originally included in the painting. I remember painting out that surface detail in an effort to clarify the reading of the scene, but I do miss that detail and I am glad at least that I have some photos of it.

Two years earlier, in 1980, I had seen a diagram in Anthony Pugh's book Polyhedra: A Visual Approach. This convinced me to expand my study of polygonal periodic tilings to include the exploration of all-space filling and open-packed polyhedral nets or arrays.

All space-filling polyhedra are the logical 3D counterpart to all-plane filling polygons which are of course the underlying support to Escher's zoomorphic work. Although, contiguous face to face zoomorphic polyhedra are theoretically possible, their complexities most likely require computer graphics and the added non-simultaneity of a time-based system of interlace to be realized in a satisfying manner.