Ectoplasmic Kitchen
Size: 16 x 20 "
Medium: oil on canvas
Date created: 1984 (unfinished)

Acevedo: I remember working on this off and on during 1984 at my studio in Monterey Park, California. I seem to recall experimenting with putting oil paint in drafting pens to get sharper straight lines for the space frame. The frame was derived from a tracing of a photo taken of an octet-truss model that I had built early in the year.

The title comes from my brother David, who had written the name Ectoplasmic Kitchen on the slide mount of the original 35mm frame. The slide was a snapshot of my brother Eric and my father Nick in his kitchen at home in the small coastal town of Glyfada. This was in July 1983, when my parents lived just outside of Athens, Greece. Eric and I were visiting on a Summer holiday, and they were chatting while my father was preparing fresh shrimp for dinner. It was an everyday moment - the kind I like to use as a point of departure for my compositions.