Size: 4x7 feet
Medium: acrylic of canvas
Date created: 1987

This banner painted by Acevedo was commissioned for the Art Waves Exhibition by the Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Los Angeles as part their South Park Revitalization program. The banner was exhibited from October 1 thru 16 1987 at the Los Angeles Theater Center and then later from October 19 to November 16 1987 at Grand Hope Park on the corner of 9th and Hope Streets in Downtown, Los Angeles.

The opening reception at the LATC on the evening of October 1st was on the same day of the powerful and damaging Whittier Narrows earthquake. The night before, just a few hours before the quake, Acevedo had participated in a multi-media projection and musical performance with the Mathband at Cal State Los Angeles. He projected 35mm slides of his new computer graphics and screened a 16mm film of color cycling fractals by artist, John Adamcyck.

For the first time in public print, Acevedo was described as a computer artist in a short write-up that was included on the commemorative poster for the Art Waves event. It said in part: "Acevedo's fascination with tessellations and zoomorphic figures is as apparent in his banner Ethernet, as it is in his computer art, readily suggesting such influences as Salvador Dali and M.C. Escher. These forms symbolize a network or energy pathways that inject life into otherwise mechanically graphic computer patterns. In Acevedo's view there is a 'parallel universe operating outside normal experience' His is a very conscious attempt to not only understand this phenomenon in scientific terms, but to apply the vocabulary and the spirit to the dimensions of art as well."