Rosey Pelican
Size: 11 x 17"
Medium: Graphite on paper
Date completed: October 26 1983

In July 1980 enroute to Hong Kong, the Acevedo family stopped off in New Delhi for about 36 hours. On impulse, Eric, David and Victor hired a car and took off to Agra to see the Taj Mahal, which was a few hundred miles away. This graphite drawing, called Rosey Pelican is named after an Indian Beer that they sampled at a rest stop. The underlying image is after a photograph of Eric and the driver.

The Taj was awesome, but the visit was bittersweet as someone stole David's expensive Rollex watch from their hotel room while they were gone. Later in 1989 Victor traded the picture to artist Jan Ferguson for one of her works. Later she donated it to Robert Fripp's Crafty Guitarist School in Virginia.